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Maintaining the continuity of the infrastructure in your departments where you serve customers; it’s quality, integrity of the employees with the system, reporting modules and functionality is quite important. As Probin, we are developing the most ideal call center solutions to meet the needs of institutions. Some of the systems we prefer for digital platforms are Cisco, Siemens, Avaya and Tegsoft. Call center systems, which can be integrated with many CRM software, will allow you to provide better quality service to your customers at any time. With the reporting modules at your call center, you can access topics in seconds such as measuring the performances, taking complaint records with integration of the voice recording system, call history tracking, and so on. And with our VPN solutions, you can position your call center experts anywhere in the world without being dependent on location by investments costs insignificantly. Depending on the country code of the incoming call, your calls can be transferred automatically to the call center specialist in the same country, without dialing from the IVR menu.

If you want to listen to our call center solutions, we are as far as a click away. If you want us to share how we can add value to your business and present our systems that you think fit your business model, you can contact us by clicking on the “Get Offer” button on the top right side of our site.