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Maintenance & Service

Maintenance & Service

Maintenance is a very important element in terms of the continuity and long-lasting of a technological product and/or system. For this reason, especially institutional companies do periodic maintenance without delay or by outsourcing agreements. Many systems and equipments from servers, fire alarm systems, computers and laptops to uninterruptible power sources need to be monitored at intervals of three, six and twelve months, depending on your needs. Although maintenance costs seem unnecessary for many employers, but the loss of works and the damage to property caused by malfunctioning systems, will be much more expensive than maintenance contracts and will become an unprecedented expense.

It is important to provide on-site service swiftly to malfunctioning systems, that provide information, communication and security services, to minimize the interruption of work and to ensure the continuity of security elements. Therefore, while arranging service agreements, institutions make contracts with the support of service providers by taking the first response time (SLA) commitment. Institutions need to know which company will intervene in an hour/day basis in case of a malfunction. Service providing companies, with experts in the relevant work is another issue that must be observed. As Probilgin, we make maintenance agreements for the for all of the solutions we provide and service agreements at different levels.

If you want maintenance & repair issues for your systems to be tracked by our specialists, you can contact us by clicking the "Get Offer" button on the top right corner of our site.