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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Card access systems have become much more efficient system can produce reports since they start using the network technology. In business centers and public institutions, the cards that provided in exchange of identity that provides turnstile pass were only used for a period of time to turn on the relevant turnstile and getting any report was not possible. The card access systems that are integrated with the IP infrastructure are used not only at the tourniquets, but also at the office entrances for staffing purposes. In this way, the hours of entrance and exit of the office can be reported.

Therefore, inspection for the purpose of creating workplace disciplinary becomes very easy. Card access systems are not only for public buildings and business centers, but also in virtual office usage, open meeting room doors at the relevant hour with the reservation integration and also it is currently in use for both security and governance purposes at various areas, such as, labs, factories and private areas such as residences and schools.

Where more detailed control is required, the following systems are used instead of card systems:

  • Facial Recognition

  • Finger Print Scanning

  • Guard Patrol

  • Plate Recognition Systems


As Probilgin, as we deliver turnkey access control projects for card systems, fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, we are installing the systems that can work in an integrated structure with existing systems aswell.  For all your needs, you can contact us by clicking “Get Offer” button.