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Emergency Broadcast Systems

Emergency Broadcast Systems

It is very important for the safety of the people in the location to announce what they are facing and/or how they should act within seconds, to the people in the location that will be affected by the situation in emergency situations. According to the regulation, it must be applied in hotels with a bed capacity of two hundred beds or more, in construction areas with a size of five thousand square meters or more, in any area with a thousand people or more, and in all buildings with a building height of fifty-one meters and above.

Our expert teams consist of experienced teams who are well-versed in the emergency announcement regulation. In determining the systems needed, all factors such as the size of the place where the emergency announcement will be made, how many zones it consists of, the acoustics of the building, its height, and the cabling infrastructure should be carefully considered. Our experience shows that there are benefits of continuous music broadcasting that will color the environment in places where emergency alarm systems are installed. Thanks to continuous broadcasting, it is much more important to ensure the continuity of the voice alarm system than the music broadcast. Another important issue is that the announcement made is easy to understand. The power, acoustics and direction of the positioned speakers are another critical issue to be considered.

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