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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Ensuring the safety of employees is always the first priority of all employers. Before talking about fire alarm systems, we would like to remind you that the installation of fire alarm systems is mandatory. Click here to access the relevant regulation

In order to ensure the safety of life and property of institutions, fire alarm systems that work well and are kept under constant control are needed. The positioning of fire detectors, which are the most important equipment of these systems, by expert teams in accordance with the regulations and in the right places is of vital importance for institutions to ensure the safety of life and property, beyond fulfilling their legal obligations. Warning systems, which are also another part of the system, and the integration of these systems with the central fire alarm system of the residential building are necessary to warn all persons in locations that may be affected in the event of a possible fire. The penalties that institutions that have not yet fulfilled the requirements of the regulation will have to pay in case of audit are much higher in the systems themselves.

If you want our expert teams to carry out free exploration and project planning for the most accurate fire alarm and warning systems in compliance with the regulation, you can reach us by clicking the Get Offer button in the upper right corner of our site.