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Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

We offer the smartest and most practical smart intercom solutions for mass housing projects, offices and detached houses. IP Intercom devices, which offer a multi-layered and comprehensive security solution starting from the building entrance to the interior of the apartments, provide you with a comfortable life throughout your project with uninterrupted audio and video calls and smart home integration.

Ultimate Video and Voice Calls

With Akuvox's vandal-proof products that are resistant to all kinds of external environments and impacts between intercom stations in different segments, you can provide safe communication in outdoor environments. In case of an emergency, you can start talking to the authorities directly by simply pressing the button on the intercom device. Thanks to Akuvox's intercom management system, emergency situations are communicated to the center with different warning methods.

Resolution up to 720p

Video Codec: H.264

RTSP support

Built-in microphone and speaker

Audio Codec: G.711a,G711u,G.722,

echo blocking

Registration to 2 different SIP accounts

Full control with 2 relay outputs


Akuvox's newest product, the industry's most innovative interior panel, Akuvox IT83 impresses with its 10" wide wide screen. Based on the Android operating system, the IT83 Panel offers high quality audio and video. With its thin and sharp design lines, it adds value and intelligence to your home with both aesthetic and smart intercom features.

Akuvox R28A IP Video Intercom (2MP camera, 4.3 inch color display, RF,  790,00 €

Flexible Door Access Control
Akuvox's smart building intercom systems also eliminate the need for receptionists in the office building when necessary. With Akuvox door front panels used at lobby entrances, you can use one of the entry methods with face recognition, RF card or special password. Your guests who come to visit your office can easily find and search the office they came to visit from the building directory.



Seamless Commissioning
Physical installation and commissioning is very easy. Just one PoE switch integrates with the SIP telephony infrastructure for the office, quickly enabling a wide variety of features (such as call forwarding, call transfer).


Easy Integration
One of the most important advantages of Akuvox intercom is its easy integration feature. Intercom stations used in the lobby at the entrance of the building can work in harmony with 3rd party IP camera and elevator systems. It can report input and output information when necessary.