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Modem & Gateways

Modem & Gateways

Modems used as communication products provide our internet connection, while gateways provide integration of voice communication solutions. Institutions need modem and gateway products to establish communication costs by increasing their functionality without sacrificing quality.

Gateway type products frequently used in the market for switchboard integrations are FXS, FXO and PRI products. In addition, both digital and analog exchange integrations can be made with IPMux and SHDSL modems for PRI services provided by operators.

Today, modems can be provided free of charge by internet service providers to their users in return for commitments, and you can obtain ADSL, VDSL, VDSL2, GHDSL, FIBER and 3G, 4.5G modems according to your connection type from many IT products companies and technology markets in the market. In some models of this type of modem, 3G and 4.5G connection types can be used for simultaneous redundancy with the terrestrial line infrastructure. After a mobile operator sim card inserted into the modem and the configuration made, when your terrestrial line connection is lost, the internet connection provided by the mobile operator is automatically activated within seconds.

You can contact us by clicking the Get Quote button in the upper right corner of our site in order to benefit from our switchboard integration solutions that will increase ease of use and efficiency while reducing your operating costs, and/or to ensure the continuity of your internet connections by backing up with healthy modems when necessary.