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Sectoral Telephones

Sectoral Telephones

Telephone sets, led by brands that produce communication solutions, are adding a new one to their technological features day by day. With the transition to digital IP phones, which are mostly preferred in communication solutions, phone sets with SIP support can work harmoniously within the same systems. These sets, which are an integral part of our switchboard solutions, ensure that the user can use them for many years without compromising the comfort of use when the right brand and model is used.

Among the sectoral phones, hotel phones are one of the sine qua non of the modern and visual atmosphere that they add to the room, even though they are not used frequently due to the high usage of mobile phones and are thought of as surplus for this reason. For industrial phones, the situation is a little different. Within the scope of the requested features, many products from IP66 devices to Exproof product range are offered for sale in the market.

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