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In the logic of information processing, it is easy to do an operation in the simplest and easiest way. Therefore, virtualization systems have been developed. In line with the ever-increasing number of physical servers, energy consumption, space occupied by system rooms, investment and operating costs have also increased. As the number of physical server increases, the costs and time spent for maintenance, and the time and effort spent to ensure business continuity at the time of failure and problem, unfortunately, have increased at the same time.

VMware and Microsoft brands have created virtualization solutions to reduce all of these losses and even eliminate them at some point. With products installed directly on physical hardware, more than one server can be set up on a single physical server. The disks used by these servers can be on the storage server or NAS disks and can vary in size within minutes depending on the needs. Virtualization systems bring the fastest solutions to recovery scenarios in extraordinary situations.

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